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Metric/Inch Dial Indicator

Type-A Metric/inch dial indicator

You can get readings in inch and metric from a dial at the same time.

Metric/inch dial indicator Type-A Type-B
RangeResolutionDial Diam
Type-A 0-15mm / 0-0.5" 0.01mm/0.001" 60mm
0-25mm / 0-1" 0.01mm/0.001" 60mm
Type-B 0-25mm / 0-1"0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
0-40mm / 0-1.5"0.01mm/0.001"76mm
0-50mm / 0-2"0.01mm/0.001"76mm
Type-B Metric/inch dial indicator

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