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Gear Tooth Caliper

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Gear tooth measurement(or gears measurement) can be used for measuring gear tooth thickness

Digital Gear Tooth Caliper

Digital gear tooth calipers Gear caliper or gear tooth calipers Type-A To measure gears Gear tooth measurement sketch Gear caliper • Gear tooth calipers are used for

  measuring gear tooth thickness.

• Manual power on/off.

• Metric/Inch conversion.

• Zero setting at any position.

• With data output interface.
Digital gear tooth caliper Type-A
RangeResolutionL1L2a bd1d2Accuracy
m1-25 0.01mm/0.0005" 156mm 156.5mm 30.5mm 21mm 13mm 13mm ±0.03mm
m5-50 0.01mm/0.0005" 210mm 185.5mm 50.5mm 50.5mm 13mm 13mm ±0.03mm
 M1-25 digital gear tooth calipers,M5-50 digital gear tooth calipers.

Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper

Gear tooth vernier calipers • Gear tooth vernier calipers can be used for measuring gear tooth thickness. Gear caliper or gear tooth calipers Type-B M1-16 gear tooth vernier caliper,
M1-26 gear tooth vernier caliper, M15-55 gear tooth vernier caliper.
Gear tooth measurement
Gear tooth vernier calipersType-B
Range Graduation
m1-16 0.02mm
m1-26 0.02mm
m15-55 0.02mm

 Gear caliper can be used to measure gear tooth thickness. If you want to measure gears tooth by micrometer,

 refer to Gear tooth micrometer; To measure gears common normal,refer to Disc micrometer; To measure

 gear's pitch diameter,refer to Gear micrometer.