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Sharpfine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the application, sales, and optimization

solutions of measuring and cutting tools in various industries. With over 15 years of experience,

our primary focus lies in the production of length measuring tools and carbide cutting tools.

Over the years, Sharpfine Technology has been dedicated to the fields of pipeline online

testing and automated testing, assisting several leading pipeline enterprises in our country in

realizing the dream of unmanned workshops.

Customized Service Offerings:

At Chengdu Sharpfine, we take pride in offering customized services to supply to the specific

needs of our clients. Our expertise extends beyond the production of standard measuring tools

and cutting tools, as we are adept at creating custom length measuring tools and carbide

cutting tools as well as pipeline online testing and automatic testing equipment.

Sharpfine's highlight products

   Provide personalized customized products

Long jaw caliper   Large bore indicater  Large micrometer
 Long Jaw Vernier Caliper
& Large Vernier Caliper
Large Diameter Bore Gauges Large Micrometers

   Provide Customized Large Vernier Calipers
    & Long Jaw Vernier Caliper

   height gauge    API thread gauge
Circumference Diameter Ruler
& Provide Customized Diameter Ruler & Pi Tape
High precision Digital Height Gauge API gauge
& API thread gauge

   Provide Customized Diameter Ruler & Pi Tape

   Thickness gauge  Solid carbide end mills
U drill / Indexable drill Thickness gauges / Pipe
thickness Gauges
Solid carbide end mills
large digital caliper   turning tool   Digital linear scale
Large digital caliper Turning tools
Large Digital Linear scale
  Online testing
   Automatic testing machine for pipeline

Products application

Circumference Diameter Ruler is a good choice for measuring large workpieces Pipe Thickness Gauge designed for the
continuous measurement of pipe thickness

Sharpfine pipeline automatic testing machine is currently operating on the production site.

Advanced manufacturing equipment and precision testing instruments

    Production equipments        Instrument for tool setting
  Advanced production equipments High-precision contact instrument for tool setting
    CNC workshop 50m length measuring instrument
  CNC workshop actual operation scene Ultra-long horizontal length measuring instrument
with a range of 0-50m
At Sharpfine, our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to continuously develop cutting-edge products and

Customized Service that satisfy the diverse needs of various industries.

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or email us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can provide Customized Solutions to

enhance your operations.