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Digital Radius Caliper

Keyword: measuring radius of incomplete circle arc, precision measuring radius

Radius measuring tool can be used for measuring radius of incomplete circle arc.

Radii measuring digital caliper,radius measurement tool.Digital Radius caliper,radius measurement tool. Purpose:

1. Radius measuring tool can be used for measuring
    arc of incomplete circle ,especially find out the radii
    through measuring minor arc.

2. Radius measuring tool can obtain radii of
    the workpiece when mapping the workpiece or other object.

3. Radius measurement tool can be applied to
    archaeological study,it is help for recovery the relic’s radii.
• Metric/Inch system conversion.

• Zero setting at any position.

• with RS 232 data output interface.

digital radius caliper

Radius measuring tool Radius measuring tool Measuring radius Radius measurement tool Radius measuring tools sketch Radius measuring tools elements Point A,C,E are three tangential

point between the caliper and the

workpiece.R is the radii of the

workpiece. If: α = 73°44',

Then,circular function: BD = R.

Radius measuring tools
3-150mm / 6" 0.01mm/0.0005" ±0.03mmm
3-200mm / 8" 0.01mm/0.0005" ±0.03mm
6" radius measurement tool, 8" radius measurement tool.
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