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Radius Dial Gauge

Radius dial gauge Radius dial gauge Type-A With box

• Multi-Radius Gauge can be used to measure random radius of arc,including outside arc surface

  and inside arc surface.

• Mutil-Radius Gauge have five different length measuring jaws,for measuring  a arc surfcce with

  corresponding jaws.

• Mutil-Radius Gauge can be used as a indicator,to measure depth or step.

• Mutil-Radius Gauge resolution:0.01mm/0.0005",Accuracy:ΔR≤0.01R.

  Set Zero     To measure outside arc     To measure inside arc
Radius gauge jaws

Multi-Radius Gauge(Radius dial gauge Type-A)
Measuring rang (R)
C Outside arc Inside arc
10 mm 5-13 mm 6.5-15 mm
20 mm 11-30 mm 14-30 mm
30 mm 22-100 mm 27-100 mm
60 mm 94-160 mm 94-260 mm
100 mm 255-700 mm 255-700 mm
Radius dial gauge Type-B Radius dial gauges Type-C
• Measuring range 100-1000mm.

• The conversion expressions: R = 200/h + h/2 - 3,

  h = measuring value.

• Easy to measure the radius of cylinders with radius from 100mm

  to 1000mm.
Radius dial gauges Type-B Type-C
R100-1000mm 0.001mm

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