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Circumference Ruler

Circumference ruler can be used for measuring the circumference and diameter.

It is reading of circumference on the lower scale,but reading of diameter on the upper scale.

Measuring range from Ø20mm to Ø12000mm.

Made of stainless steel.

Circumference ruler
Reference item: Circumference rule, Circumference rulers, Circumference tape, Circumference tapes.
circumference ruler  range  (diameter - Ø)
50(20)-300mm 2100-2400mm 4200-4500mm 6300-6600mm 8400-8700mm 10500-10800mm
300-600mm 2400-2700mm 4500-4800mm 6600-6900mm 8700-9000mm 10800-11000mm
600-900mm 2700-3000mm 4800-5100mm 6900-7200mm 9000-9300mm 11000-11400mm
900-1200mm 3000-3300mm 5100-5400mm 7200-7500mm 9300-9600mm 11400-11700mm
1200-1500mm 3300-3600mm 5400-5700mm 7500-7800mm 9600-9900mm 11700-12000mm
1500-1800mm 3600-3900mm 5700-6000mm 7800-8100mm 9900-10200mm  
1800-2100mm 3900-4200mm 6000-6300mm 8100-8400mm 10200-10500mm