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Automatic testing machine for pipeline

Sharpfine, as the unique domestic manufacturer and supplier of pipeline online testing and automated testing, has been dedicated to these fields for many years.

The pipeline automatic inspection machine, designed and manufactured by our own team, has been providing long-term service to numerous renowned domestic PE pipeline manufacturing companies. This has allowed these leading enterprises to achieve online testing and automatic testing, the dream of an unmanned production workshop has finally been realized.

     Automatic test for pipeline    Automatic test for pipeline

    The actual scene of the online automatic inspection equipment custom-made for our country's renowned      leading pipeline manufacturing  enterprise.

Sharpfine pipeline automatic measuring machine is currently operating on the production site.

    Product function

  1. Measure the average outer diameter of a pipeline
    Measure a sufficient number of outer diameter values N along the outer circumference of the pipeline continuously (N value can be
    set as desired, with the capability of taking 7-8 points per second), with a measurement accuracy of 0.01mm. Because there are a sufficient number of sampling points, the average outer diameter is truly reliable.

  2. Measure the thickness of the pipeline
    Measure a sufficient number of wall thickness values N along the circumference of the pipeline continuously ( N value can be set as desired, with the capability of taking 7-8 points per second), with a measurement accuracy of 0.01mm.

  3. Measure the roundness of the pipeline
    Because there is a sufficient amount of sampled data for the outer diameter, the measurement results for roundness have a high level of credibility, with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

  4. Weigh the pipeline
    Accuracy/Sensitivity 0.01Kg.

  5. Measure the length of the pipeline
    Accuracy 0.01mm

  6. Alarm: When encountering a pipeline with dimensions exceeding the standard, an automatic alarm will be triggered.

  7. Data upload: The measurement data can be uploaded to the customer's network backend.

  8. Data storage: All measurement data is saved in real-time within the built-in computer.

  9. Customization: Can be customized according to customer requirements.

         schematic diagram of the working principle
        Automatic test for pipeline

    Measurement Sampling and Installation Features

  1. The measurement and sampling positions for the outer diameter and pipe wall thickness are located at cross-sections 300mm and 150mm away from the pipeline end face, respectively, in accordance with the relevant standard requirements.

  2. Due to the possibility of sampling up to 200 points for both outer diameter and wall thickness, continuous inspection without any
    missed points has been achieved. As a result, the derived average outer diameter, thickness, roundness, and other data are more accurate, providing a high level of credibility.

  3. When switching the production pipeline from one specification to another, there is no need to adjust the equipment. Only selecting the corresponding pre-saved specification from the computer interface is required.

  4. The installation of the equipment is very simple and convenient. The slight tilt error or parallelism error when the tested pipeline enters the inspection machine has no significant impact on the measurement accuracy.

Operation process of pipeline automatic testing machine.

    Online automatic measurement operation process

  1. Store the required measurement specifications and the maximum and minimum allowable values into the computer.

  2. Weighing and measuring length.

  3. Measuring outer diameter and thickness, generating 7 or 8 sets of measurement data per second. Real-time display of the maximum and minimum values.

  4. Measurement completed. The maximum, minimum, and average values of the outer diameter and thickness are displayed separately.

  5. Displaying roundness, length, and weight.

  6. Displaying the specific measurement locations where the maximum and minimum values were obtained.

  7. All real-time data and historical measurement records are stored in the computer.

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Pipe thickness gauge Range: up to 120mm
Circumference ruler Range: up to 12000 / 48"
Pi tape diameter tape Range: up to 9600mm