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Large diameter Gage

Large diameter gage Large diameter gage

Large diameter gages can be used to

measure the large cylinder bore that

diameters are from 500mm to 1200mm,

such as large cylinder bore,large bear

bore and so on.

Any special requirement can be satisfied

upon request among these measuring


The center guide can be insure the

veracity of the measuring diameter.

• The graduation of dial indicator is

   0.01mm or 0.001mm.

• The measuring range can be adjusted

   expediently with micrometer head.
Large diameter gages
500-600mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm 0.015mm / 0.013mm
600-700mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
700-800mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
800-900mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
900-1000mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
1000-1100mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
1100-1200mm 0.01mm / 0.001mm0.015mm / 0.013mm
600mm large diameter gage, 700mm large diameter gages, 800mm large diameter gage, 900mm large diameter gages,
1000mm large diameter gage, 1100mm large diameter gages, 1200mm large bore gage.

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