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Dial Height Gauge

Dial height gage are used for mechanical process as precision height measuring tools.

Dial Height Gauge & Double-beam Dial Height Gage

Dial height gauge Type-A Dial height gauge • With fine adjustment.

• Made of stainless steel or carbon steel.
Dial height gage is with carbide tipped scriber.
Dial height gages Type-B Dial height gages •Easy and error free reading with both up

  and down digital counters as well as a dial.

• The counters and dial can be set zero at

   any position.

• Provided with a feed wheel for easy course

Dial height gauges is with carbide tipped scriber.
Dial height gage Type-A
0-200mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm 0-300mm 0.01mm ±0.04mm
0-300mm 0.02mm ±0.04mm 0-8" 0.001" ±0.0012"
0-200mm 0.01mm ±0.03mm 0-12" 0.001" ±0.0015"
8" dial height gauges, 12" dial height gages, 200mm dial height gauge, 300mm dial height gage.
Double-beam Dial height gauges Type-B
0-300mm   0-450mm   0-500mm   0-600mm
Graduation: 0.01mm
0-300mm dial height gages, 0-450mm dial height gauges, 0-500mm dial height gages, 0-600mm dial height gauge.
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