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New-style Dial Caliper

Dial Caliper (integral dial)

Dial caliper 6" Type-A Dial caliper 6"(integral dial)
• Made of stainless steel hardened throughout. Exceptionally smooth

  and easy movement.

• Adjustable bezel,easy to setting zero.

The Type-A indicating dial(metric)      The Type-A indicating dial(inch)

Dial caliper 6" Type-A
Rangegraduation  Accuracy Rangegraduation  Accuracy
0-150mm 0.02mm ±0.02mm 0-6" 0.001" 0.001"
0-200mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm 0-8" 0.001" 0.0015"
0-300mm 0.02mm ±0.04mm 0-12" 0.001" 0.002"
dial caliper 6", dial caliper 12", dial caliper 8", (dial caliper 4").

Dial Caliper 12"(Automatic Inter Lock), Dial Caliper 6"(Cover), Dial Caliper 12"(Elliptical Type)

Dial caliper 12"(Automatic inter lock) Dial caliper 6"(Cover) Dial caliper 12"(Elliptical Type) Dial caliper 6" Type-B Dial caliper 12" Type-C Dial caliper 6" Type-D Automatic inter lock dial caliper Cover dial caliper Elliptical dial caliper

Dial caliper 6" and dial caliper 12" Type-B Type-C Type-D
RangegraduationAccuracy RangegraduationAccuracy
0-100mm 0.02mm ±0.02mm 0-4" 0.001" ±0.001"
0-150mm 0.02mm ±0.02mm 0-6" 0.001" ±0.001"
0-200mm 0.02mm ±0.03mm 0-8" 0.001" ±0.0015"
0-300mm 0.02mm ±0.04mm 0-12" 0.001" ±0.002"
dial caliper 12", dial caliper 8", dial caliper 4", dial caliper 6".
The features are the same as Type-A
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