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Precision Digital Caliper

The resolution of the precision digital calipers are 0.001mm,can be used in precision measuring.

Precision Digital Caliper (Resolution 0.001mm)

6" Precision digital caliper digital calipers 6 inch,  precision digital caliper,  Type-A

• Resolution with 0.001mm (Micrometer Digital caliper),can be used in precision measuring.
• Suit for measure the work pieces of high precision and small unvaried dimension(on or about 50mm), especially the accurate
  measuring tools.
• Can reach to the more accuracy in comparable measuring for the outside dimension, inside dimension, groove, steps, depth.
• Prepare gauges by yourself when the range is more than 50mm.

Precision digital calipers Type-A
0-50mm / 0-2" 0.001mm0.005mm
50-100mm / 2"-4" 0.001mm0.005mm
100-150mm / 4"-6" 0.001mm0.005mm
2" precision digital calipers, 4" precision digital caliper, digital calipers 6 inch.

Precision Digital Calipers (Resolution 0.005mm)

6" Precision digital caliper Precision Digital Caliper  Type-B

  digital calipers 6 inch
• Resolution: 0.005mm,can be used in precision measuring.

• Zero setting at any position.

• With data output interface.
Precision digital calipers Type-B
0-150mm / 6" 0.005mm ±0.015mm
0-200mm / 8" 0.005mm ±0.02mm
0-300mm / 12" 0.005mm ±0.025mm
digital calipers 6 inch, 8" precision digital caliper, 12" precision digital calipers.

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