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Tyre Depth Gauges

Tyre depth gauges are suitable for measuring tread depth. Tread depth gauge is small and easy to operate.

Tyre Depth Gauges

Tyre depth gauge,automotive tools. • Tyre depth gauge can be used for measuring tread depth.

• Tyre depth gauges made of carbon or stainless steel.
Tyre depth gauge
0-30mm 0.1mm
Tyre depth gauge,  Type-A
automotive tools
0-30mm/1.2" tyre depth gauge

Plastic Tread Depth Gauge

Tread depth gauge,automotive tools. Plastic tread depth gauge,automotive tools  Type-B
• The tread depth gauge is made of ABS.

• The range of the tread depth gauge: 0-20mm / 0.9".

• The weight of the plastic tread depth gauge: 25g.

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