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Digital Dial Bore Gauge

Digital dial bore gauge Digital dial bore gauge
• For inside measurement.

• Easier to use if supplied with the
  digital indicator with electronic scales.

• With data output interface.

• Zero setting at any position.

• Metric/inch conversion.
Digital dial bore gauges
50-100mm / 2-4" 0.005mm 0.015mm 200mm
50-160mm / 2-6.4" 0.005mm 0.015mm 200mm
100-160mm / 4- 6.4" 0.005mm 0.005mm200mm
160-250mm / 6.4-10" 0.005mm 0.005mm200mm
4" digital dial bore gauges, 6.4" digital dial bore gauges, 10" digital dial bore gauge.
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