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Pocket Thickness Gauge

Pocket thickness gage is very compact.Pocket thickness gage can be used for
    measuring the thickness of paper,leather,wire,sheet metal and similar materials.
Pocket thickness gauge Type-A Pocket thickness gauge
• The very compact thickness gauge are designed

  for carrying convenience and ideally suited for quick

  inspection of paper,leather,wire,plastic,sheet metal

  and similar materials.

• Aluminum main body,stainless steel or ceramic

  contact point and anvil.
Pocket thickness gage Type-B Pocket thickness gage
Pocket thickness gages picture Pocket thickness gauges   Pocket thickness gages Pocket thickness gauges sketch

Pocket thickness gauges
Type-A 0-10mm 0.01mm Steel anvil
Type-B 0-0.5" 0.001" Steel anvil
0-0.5" 0.0005" Steel anvil
0-10mm pocket thickness gauges, 0-0.5" pocket thickness gages.