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3-Wire Units

3-Wire units
• For clamping 3-wire for measuring the pitch

  diameter of screw threads.

   D=Pitch diameter
   P=Screw thread pitch
   d=Diameter of wire
   M=Measured length

Sets-A & Sets-B without 3-wire list
3-Wire diameter3-Wire diameter
Ø0.17-Ø0.30mm Ø1.20-Ø1.50mm
Ø0.30-Ø0.50mm Ø1.60-Ø2.00mm
Ø0.50-Ø0.80mm Ø2.30-Ø2.60mm
Ø0.80-Ø1.10mm Ø2.80-Ø3.20mm
Sets-A(supporter diameter Ø6.5mm)
Sets-B(supporter diameter Ø8mm)
Sets-C & Sets-D with 3-wire list
3-Wire diameter3-Wire diameter
Ø0.17mm Ø0.62mm
Ø0.195mm Ø0.725mm
Ø0.22mm Ø0.895mm
Ø0.25mm Ø1.1mm
Ø0.29mm Ø1.35mm
Ø0.335mm Ø1.65mm
Ø0.39mm Ø2.05mm
Ø0.455mm Ø2.55mm
Ø0.53mm Ø3.2mm
Sets-C(supporter diameter Ø6.5mm)
Sets-D(supporter diameter Ø8mm)
   Reference hyperlink:  Screw thread micrometer.