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Spline Micrometer

Small measuring faces for measuring splined shafts,slots and keyways. Carbide-tipped measuring faces.

Digital spline micrometer Digital spline micrometer
Electronic system
• Protection level: IP54.Criterion: DIN40050/IEC529 standard.

• Carbide measuring faces.

• Painted frame.
Digital spline micrometer Type-B Digital spline micrometer Electronic system

spline micrometer Type-C Spline micrometer

• Carbide measuring faces.

• Painted frame.
Spline micrometer   Spline micrometer

Spline micrometer Type-A Type-B Type-C
0-25mm / 0-1"0.004mm 100-125mm / 4-5"0.006mm
25-50mm / 1-2"0.004mm 125-150mm / 5-6"0.006mm
50-75mm / 2-3"0.005mm 150-175mm / 6-7"0.007mm
75-100mm / 3-4"0.005mm
Anvil's shape A or shape B is optional with consumer.
1" digital spline micrometer, 2" digital spline micrometers, 3" digital spline micrometers, 4" digital spline micrometer,
5" digital spline micrometers, 6" digital spline micrometers, 7" digital spline micrometer.