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External Dial Caliper

Outside dial caliper are suited for measuring grooves and other hard-to-reach outside dimension.The data of Max. and Min can be remembered , or the displaying data can be held,the tolerance can be set.

External dial caliper Type-B Electronic system • External dial calipers are suited for measuring grooves and
  other hard-to-reach outside dimension.
• Dial rotates ±170° for use at versions angles.
• Display data is origin data of absolute measurement after
  changing battery.
• Digital display and analog display on LCD automatic switch over.
• Analog display range: ±20 graduation.

• Digital resolution:
  0.005mm(Metric); 0.0002"(Inch).

  Analog resolution:
  0.01mm; 0.02mm; 0.05mm(Metric); 0.0005"; 0.001"; 0.002"(Inch).
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Outside dial caliper
Travel 10mm
0-10mm / 0-0.8" 0.02mm 40mm 3mm 8mm 0.5mm Ø1.5mm
10-20mm / 0.4-0.8"0.02mm 40mm 3mm 8mm 0.5mm Ø1.5mm
20-30mm / 0.8-1.2" 0.02mm 40mm 3mm 8mm 0.5mm Ø1.5mm
30-40mm / 1.2-1.6"0.02mm 40mm 3mm 8mm 0.5mmØ1.5mm
40-50mm / 1.6-2"0.02mm 40mm 3mm 8mm 0.5mmØ1.5mm
Travel 20mm
0-20mm / 0-0.8" 0.03mm 80mm 6.5mm 25mm 0.75mm Ø1.5mm
10-30mm / 0.4-1.2"0.03mm 80mm 6.5mm 25mm 0.75mmØ1.5mm
20-40mm / 0.8-1.6"0.03mm 80mm 6.5mm 25mm 0.75mmØ1.5mm
30-50mm /1.2-2"0.03mm 80mm 6.5mm 25mm 0.75mmØ1.5mm
40-60mm / 1.6-2.4"0.03mm 80mm 6.5mm 25mm 0.75mmØ1.5mm
Note: Jaw-A and Jaw-B is optional.
0.8" external dial caliper, 1.2" external dial calipers, 1.6" outside dial caliper, 2" external dial calipers, 2.4" external dial caliper,
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