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Tube Thickness Gauge

Pipe thickness gauge can be used for measuring the thickness of tube.
Pipe thickness gage Pipe thickness gage sketch Pipe thickness gauge picture • Integrative main body

  machined from aluminum.

• Sometogical lifting handle.

• Upward shockproof.

• The dial pipe gauge

  specializes in the

  measurement of the wall

  thickness of pipe or the

  thickness of bent plates.
Pipe thickness gage
Pipe thickness gage
Pipe thickness gauge
0-10mm 0.01mm 25.3mm 22mm Ø2.5mm SØ3.5mm 102mm 59mm
0-0.5" 0.001" 1.0" 0.87" Ø0.1" SØ0.14" 4.02" 2.32"
0-0.5" 0.0005"1.0"0.87"Ø0.1"SØ0.14"4.02"2.32"
0-10mm pipe thickness gage, 0-0.5" tube thickness gauge.
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