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Disc Brake Micrometer

Disc brake micrometer for measuring the depth of grooves on the disc of brake system.Carbide measuring face with 60° point.

Disc brake micrometers Type-A Electronic system Disc brake micrometer
• Protection level: IP54.Criterion: DIN40050/IEC529 standard .
• Carbide measuring faces.
• Painted frame.
Type-B Disc brake micrometer Disc brake micrometers Electronic system
Disc brake micrometers picture
Disc brake micrometers Type-C Disc brake micrometer

• Carbide measuring faces.

• Painted frame.
Disc brake micrometers

Disc brake micrometer Type-A Type-B Type-C
7.6-33mm / 0.3-1.3"0.004mm 25-50mm / 1-2"0.004mm
0.3-1.3" disk brake micrometer, 1-2" disk brake micrometer.

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